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  • Please be 10 min early for your picture time
  • Show up to field ready to go and in full uniform...we will not have time to wait for teams to get dressed
  • If players are late, they run the risk of not being included in their team photo
  • Players do not need to bring their own soccer balls for photos. 
  • We ask that all non-players and non-team officials wait outside the photo area.

Recreation Teams Photo Schedule

Friday June 9th at PCC

7:10   ESL   G10 Wht   

Rens Pets      

7:20   ESL   B10 Wht    Picards        

Saturday June 10th at PCC

9:10 ESL B15 Future Insulation
9:50 ESL G15 Rd Great Wall
10:00 ESL G15 Wht Topsite
10:30 ESL G12 Rd (no sponsor)
10:40 ESL G12 Wht (no sponsor)
10:50 ESL G10 Rd Aberfoyle Chiro
11:10 ESL B12 Rd (no sponsor)
11:20 ESL B12 Wht (no sponsor)
11:50 ESL B10 Rd Concast
12:00 ESL B10 Blk Dean Manton
1:10 ESL B10 R/W Farley Group
1:20 ESL B10 Silver Dr Mistry Dentistry

Recreational Overview

This is the entry level league of play for those who desire a Recreational skill level, with minimal cost and minimal time commitment. Teams will be filled based on a first come, first served basis during registration. No tryouts are held. Teams consist of a 2 year age group.

Our teams participate in the Escarpment Soccer League (ESL). All teams are mini or youth recreational as applicable and will be subject to the policies and procedures of the league of play.  For the 2022 season, out U18 teams will be competing in the Guelph Summer House League.

Players may expect to play one game per week and at least one practice per week. Practices will be scheduled at the coach’s discretion and subject to field availability. Please remember all of our coaches and team officials are volunteers....they take great pride and spend an immense amount of time out of their schedules to provide a fun environment for all.   Please treat them with respect and gratitude at all times.

 Traditional Schedule 

BU10 & GU10 Wednesday Monday Arkell Minis
GU12 Monday Wednesday PCC
BU12 Tuesday Thursday PCC
GU15 Tuesday Wednesday/Thursday Arkell Main
BU15 Thursday Wednesday/Tuesday Arkell Main
GU18 Monday Wednesday Arkell Main
BU18 Tuesday Sunday/Thursday PCC

NOTE:  The game/practice nights listed are subject to change based on clubs’ specific needs: scheduling issues, inclement weather, field and or coaching staff availability, etc.

The season starts Mid May – End of August or early September.

Teams may travel to compete against similarly skilled teams from Hillsburgh, Milton, Rockwood, with older age groups also possibly playing Caledon, Bolton, Acton, Georgetown, Shelburne, etc. 

Participation at festivals/tournaments in addition to league play will be at the discretion of the coaching staff and may include extra fees for individuals/teams.

Practices will commence outdoors as soon as weather permits and fields are ready in the spring. Year-end festivals/tournaments are held for all divisions at various venues throughout the league mid-August to early September. 

Players will receive a game jersey, 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of socks. Shin pads and outdoor cleats are at player’s expense and must be worn to ALL games, practices, events, etc.

Jewellery, casts, glasses, etc. are not to be worn as per Ontario Soccer policies.  Players may be asked to leave the field if they are found to be in violation of these policies.

Refunds will NOT be issued after May 1st.

Chris Morton

Director - Recreational (ESL)

B18 Rec Undefeated in Guelph League