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Friday June 9th at PCC

6:00 COMP B10  Diloreto Realty
6:10 COMP B12 Targ UPP, Acute Env
6:20 COMP B12 Dev Paperworks
6:30 COMP B13 Electrowind
6:40 COMP G13  Triton, MVC
6:50 COMP B14 Oldstonehenge, MA Dev
7:00 COMP B18   


  • Please be 10 min early for your picture time
  • Show up to field ready to go and in full uniform...we will not have time to wait for teams to get dressed
  • If players are late, they run the risk of not being included in their team photo
  • Players do not need to bring their own soccer balls for photos. 
  • We ask that all non-players and non-team officials wait outside the photo area.

Timbits Photo Schedule

Friday June 9th at PCC

7:30 G8  Teal
7:40 G8  Apple


Saturday June 10th at PCC

9:15 U5 Royal
9:20 U5 Forest
9:25 U5 Yellow
9:30 U5 Purple
9:35 U5 Red
9:40 U5 Orange
10:10 U6 Sky Blue
10:15 U6 Green
10:20 U6 Red
10:25 U6 Grey
12:10 B8 Royal
12:20 B8 Black
12:30 B8 Maroon
12:40 B8 Grey
12:50 B8 Orange
1:00 B8 Kelly Green


Recreation Teams Photo Schedule

Friday June 9th at PCC

7:10 ESL G10 Wht

Rens Pets

7:20 ESL B10 Wht Picards    


Saturday June 10th at PCC

9:10 ESL B15 Future Insulation
9:50 ESL G15 Rd Great Wall
10:00 ESL G15 Wht Topsite
10:30 ESL G12 Rd (no sponsor)
10:40 ESL G12 Wht (no sponsor)
10:50 ESL G10 Rd Aberfoyle Chiro
11:10 ESL B12 Rd (no sponsor)
11:20 ESL B12 Wht (no sponsor)
11:50 ESL B10 Rd Concast
12:00 ESL B10 Blk Dean Manton
1:10 ESL B10 R/W Farley Group
1:20 ESL B10 Silver Dr Mistry Dentistry

Updates & News

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